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Cashew is a small family business with all of our products being hand made in Brazil.

All of our swimwear is developed with exclusive Santacontancia's Light ® technology, produced with Amni Soul Eco ® Biodegradable Polyamide

Once our products are disposed to landfill, they break down into organic matter and biogas, which can be exploited as new environmental resources.

Amni Soul Eco® takes approximately three years* to be eliminated from the planet, unlike other fibers that take decades to be decomposed.

The biodegradation properties of Amni Soul Eco® become apparent only and exclusively under landfill conditions, where the bacteria in charge of anaerobic decomposition are found. Therefore, it does not decompose after standard use and this product’s lifecycle is the same as that of traditional polyamide yarns


Recycled water is used during the process of manufacturing and dying the fabric. 

Besides it's unique biodegradable technology, this material also provides high quality clothing and more durable garments. It feels extremely soft on the skin, it is breathable, made with moisture absorption properties, easy to care and it provides UPF 80 protection.

Our fabric is certified by Oeko-Tex 一 an independent control and certification system that focuses on the safety of textile products for human use 一 as Standard 100 Class 1 yarn, which means it is non-toxic and suitable for everyone to wear, from adults to babies.   

Download the brochure for more information

At Cashew Swimwear, we truly believe in our sustainability values and principles, not only with our swimwear. The packaging and shipping materials we use are also eco-friendly.

The hygienic liners and mailing bags used by Cashew are made out of renewable materials and are home compostable

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